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Did someone said Kebab?

Did someone said Kebab? We’ve heard that a certain group of agents loves them and can’t live without this delicious dish. Here are our top 5 kebab places in Warsaw. Turkish, Lebanese, Syrian… Check them out during Warsaw Anomaly in July. Oh and remember: one kebab a day keeps smurfs away! :).



  • Al. Niepodległości 80
  • Francuska 1

Ranked by local TV channel as the best Kebab restaurant in Warsaw. Located right beside the gate of the Dreszer Park, it enjoys an enormous popularity in the nearby neighborhood, with the number of regular guests growing continuously. This is a perfect place to have a nice family lunch during the weekend. Ideal for families with children, who may later have some fun on the playground.



  • ul. Kondratowicza 25
  • Al. Solidarności 117
  • ul. Grójecka 20C
  • ul. Mickiewicza 27
  • ul. Górczewska 97
  • CH Wileńska ul. Targowa 72

AMRIT KEBAB exists since 2007. The Syrian owner who has lived in Poland for years, along with his Polish wife, wanted to bring out in Amrit what’s the most interesting in his home country – the extraordinary atmosphere of the Orient. Creating the restaurant they took care not only of aesthetics, but also thought about satisfying the gentlest palates. All this in hot rhythms of Arabic music. When you are there, don’t forget to try Amrit sweets – delightful handmade arabic sweets.



  • Aleje Jerozolimskie 50 (near Śródmieście Railway Station)

Small Kebab stand with delicious sandwiches. Cheap, fast and tasty it is also one of the last places in Warsaw where you can buy a bun with mushrooms, old-time polish fast food.



  • Świętokrzyska 32
  • Nowogrodzka 20
  • Targowa 16
  • Dereniowa 12
  • Francuska 31

The best Lebanese Restaurant in Warsaw. Apart from delicious kebabs you can also order from a variety of dishes originated in Lebanon. Lahem Meshwi, Makanek and many more amazing oriental courses.



  • Grochowska 173
  • Grochowska 215

Last but not least, let’s try the polish kebab. Fresh products everyday, special mix of oriental spices that is also tailored to polish tastes and of course high quality standards are the things that keep bringing new customers to this amazing joint.

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