IEW News entry #1 – 162 Days until Anomaly!

IEW News entry #1 – 162 Days until Anomaly!

We started a blog! (and a telegram channel).

Greetings Agents.

We present to You: our blog (badum-tssssss). We wanted to prepare a space for all of us, where we can share our thoughts, ideas or just quirks and features of Warsaw, city that we love and that wants to be Your second home when you get here.

And for the first entry, we thought about what everybody likes… and it’s beer, definitely beer. So lets us present You with top beers from Poland :D.

The Champion

Szałpiw: Buba Extreme Jack Daniels BA – Quadrupel

This is the best polish beer – no question about it. Pours dark brown. Nose is bourbon, caramel, dark fruit. Taste is malty, bourbon, dark fruit, hazelnut, walnut, sugar, lots of oak vanilla, bourbon… absolutely awesome.

Polish champagne

Browar z Grodziska: Piwo z grodziska – Grodziskie

Sour wheat beers were common in many parts of medieval and early Industrial Europe. Two styles – lambic and Berliner weisse – survived, but many others did not. Few years ago PSPD – polish association for home brewers claimed Grodziskie style as a Polish beer treasure. And the best example and very available brand is “Piwo Grodziskie”. Pale yellow color, fluffy head, fizzy – that’s why it is sometimes called “the polish champagne”. Smoke, salt, bacon, a bit of sour. We recommend that every beer lover should give it a try.

Unique for Poland

Żywiec: Żywiec Porter – baltic porter.

The historical remnants of the 19th c. Baltic trade in imperial stouts, Baltic Porters are typically strong, sweet and bottom-fermented. They lack the powerful roast of an imperial stout, but have an intense malt character, and moderate to strong alcohol.

Żywiec Porter, pronounced “je-vi-ets”, is a dark, strong beer brewed according to the traditional recipe from 1881, with the Munich malt and special malts for caramel and color plus the highest quality aromatic hops. Everything together creates a unique combination of taste.

Wildly available staple that everyone loves

Perła: Perła Chmielowa – Pale Lager

Yes, it’s lager, but there is nothing better than cold beer after a hot summer day. The noble scent of hops and a characteristic, delicate bitterness along with amber colour and excellent clarity are the biggest advantages of Perła. Lublin hops from the finest growers, select natural ingredients, and a traditional brewing recipe combine to set the standard for the number one seller in the Lublin region. It’s good, cheap, best when cold and I love it 😛

Best Craft beer from Warsaw

Artezan: Samiec Alfa (Barrel Aged) – Imperial Stout

Brewed in Artezan brewery, just few kilometers outside Warsaw Samiec Alfa is jet black with small, not very solid tan head but still some lacing. Nose full of chocolate and cocoa with some coffee, wood and light vanilla notes. Complex and changing while warming. Almost full body, a bit sweet start with spicy and roasted / ashy feeling in the finish. Smooth and oily mouthfeel. Bourbon flavors in taste, very well balanced and alcohol perfectly hidden. F****** good!

Let us know

Let us know what you think about the blog idea and what topics are interesting for you. You know where to find us 🙂

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The Orga Team